“Roots of the Rev. Volume One”

Roots of the Rev. Volume One

Fun-Guy Records and Reverend Horton Heat are pleased to announce the release of the album Roots of the Rev. (Volume One) by Reverend Horton Heat. It will be released on vinyl, on all of the main streaming platforms and bandcamp.com.

“Roots of the Rev. (Volume One)” is an album of cover songs that have a connection to the band. Many of the songs are by artists who we knew personally – like Willie Nelson and Ronnie Dawson. Some songs are just a part of the history of Reverend Horton Heat. Each song’s relationship to the band is explained in detail in the liner notes.

The decidedly lo-fi album was recorded with a very live feel and mixed in monophonic – a few overdubs, but mainly us live in the room together. The use of ancient microphones and mixers, the use of old tape (yes, some digital too – hard to completely avoid these days), tape delay and the use of musicians who understand the rockabilly and early rock and roll styles.

The bulk of the album was recorded by Jim Heath at Fun-Guy Studios in Dallas. Four songs were recorded at Dale Watson’s Wat-Sun studio in Memphis. On all of the songs, Jim Heath and Jimbo Wallace were in the same room playing live together. Fun.

This was truly a labor of love and it took a while to get together but we think that our fans will find it a fun and rollicking musical adventure. A little look into the history of Reverend Horton Heat and a time gone-by. Or now, present times? Lo-fi but high energy!

Pre-release of autographed copies (150) is set for February 22, 2023. Look for the pre-release on reverendhortonheat.com/store. The full release is set for March 1, 2023.