Jim Heath Sound Design - "The Sci-Fi Western Project"

Jim Heath Sound Design - The Sci-Fi Western Project
“The Sci-Fi Western Project” Parts One through Eighteen (including 9 extended and 11 extended) is an NFT music project that’s a futuristic take on 1960’s spaghetti western movie themes, but there are several pieces that will work with a wide variance of artworks as they sound more sci-fi than western. Great for NFT art, film projects or video game projects.

This project is released as twenty short pieces of music, sold as one of one token, intended for the NFT artist or video game developer who wants to add music to their art, but it may also be useful in film, TV or video. The pieces of music are as short as five second pieces and as long as one minute, twenty-five seconds. The music comes from one total piece which has been edited into relevant parts. The NFT comes with the copyright so that the purchaser can feel free to use it in their project, and since it’s an NFT, they could potentially sell it after their project is done.

Part One – FG-9510 – NTF
Part Two – FG-9511 – NTF
Part Three – FG-9512 – NTF
Part Four – FG-9513 – NTF
Part Five – FG-9514 – NTF
Part Six – FG-9515 – NTF
Part Seven – FG-9516 – NTF
Part Eight – FG-9517 – NTF
Part Nine – FG-9518 – NTF
Part Nine (Extended) – FG-9519 – NTF
Part Ten – FG-9520 – NTF
Part Eleven – FG-9521 – NTF
Part Eleven (Extended) – FG-9522 – NTF
Part Twelve – FG-9523 – NTF
Part Thirteen – FG-9524 – NTF
Part Fourteen – FG-9525 – NTF
Part Fifteen – FG-9526 – NTF
Part Sixteen – FG-9527 – NTF
Part Seventeen – FG-9528 – NTF

March 2021 – FG-5910/FG-5928
Available via mintable.app